Thursday, May 16, 2013

April Birthdays

We celebrated three birthdays within the last month.  Gary turned twenty on April 22nd.  That was
 the day we left on our trip so we celebrated it on the Saturday before we left.  We met the family at Braza Grill for dinner than went back home for memories, gifts and ice cream cake.  I can't find the pictures of that night so here's one from about a month ago.
The twins turned twenty one on April 29th.  We were still out of town so we celebrated their birthday on the Saturday that we got back.  Again, we met family at Tepanyaki for dinner and then headed back to Grantsville for cake, memories, and gifts. 
Kaitlyn requested a tres leches cake so Kendra  made her one. 
Alyssia wanted an ice cream cake so I took care of that.  It doesn't look so good but it tasted great!

                                                            Happy Birthday Kiddos!!

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  1. Those individual cakes for the girls were wonderful!! How thoughtful of you to have one for each!