Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday Night Thanksgiving

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our kids becauswe we are all going different ways on Thursday.  I wish that I would have taken more pictures.  One of the whole family. 
This is such a cute one of Rafe! 
He's our little turkey!
Both Kaitlyn and Alyssia got to be with us and that was nice.
Rafe likes to be held in this position.  It looks pretty uncomfortable to me:)

This year we wer blessed with warm weather so after our wonderful turkey dinner with ALL of the fixins'.  We ventured outside to play a game called The Pumpkin Roll.  It was a relay and the objective is to push  a pumkin with a broom to the end of the yard and back and then to pass of the broom to your partner who races to the finish line.  Rick was awesome!  He helped our team to win!

                                                 Rick and Sarah on the home stretch.

After playing this game we came in to play The Corn Pitch where we tossed candy corns into a bowl.  Skylar was the winner on that one.  Then we played a Thanksgiving Trivia game with miniature candy bars for prizes.  After that we played a memory game called Thanksgiving Dinner.  This one is where one person says...For my Thanksgiving Dinner I had....and then they say a food like turkey.  Then the next person says For my Thanksgiving Dinner I had Stuffing and then adds turkey to his.  It goes around the circle adding more foods until people forget what was named.  Anyway, that probably doesn't make sense but we had a fun time playing it.  We had close to 20 different foods to remember.  Crazy!  After the festivities we took some time to talk about our blessings.  I am truly blessed and I am thankful to ponder on what Heavenly Father has given me.  So, so much!  Now we are headed to St. George and then on to Vegas to spend Thanksgiving Day with the Hafen family. 
 I am so excited!

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