Sunday, November 18, 2012

Date Night

Thursday afternoon Rick called me from work and told me he wanted to take me on a date.  We haven't had an alone date for a couple of weeks so I was ready and excited to be able to go.  Our first stop was at the top of the JSMB where we had dinner at The Garden.  This was our amazing view from our table.  Next week temple square will be ablaze with beautiful lights.  The workers have been putting them up since September.  A LOT of work!
Next we headed over to the City Creek to browse.  This outdoor mall is so beautiful.  Next to Nordstroms is a fountain that had an incredible show with water and fire accompnied by The Nutcracker Suite.  Really Cool!
Another neat sight were the display windows outside of  Macys.   These incredible ornaments are made completely of candy.  Notice Santa's beard is made of candy canes.  This one was my favorite!
This snowflake was made of cruswhed rock candy.  I'm thinking that the small silver snowflakes are Jordan Almonds:)
This ornament is a tribute to Utah.  It is a beehive with a bunch  of Santa bees hanging on and around it.  The yellow part is gummy lemons and the brown is crushed rock candy.  The top is made of swedish fish.  If your in town for the holiday stop and see these cool spinning ornaments.
Lastly, Rick and I took a romantic horse and buggy ride.  We rode around the temple and then rode up City Creek Canyon.  I don't believe I have been up this street before.  It was very quaint with the creek running down the middle of the street surrounded by grass and trees.  It was a quiet neighborhood with beautiful old homes.
Here we are under the lamplight of Memory Grove.

                            Thanks hun, for a fun night!  I love, love, love to be with you!

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