Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Little Halloween Pumpkin

Kendra has been bringing Rafe over in the evenings because Brach works until 3 AM.  We have really enjoyed having them with us.  I love to hold and snuggle that little guy.  Aunt Kathy bought a couple of halloween outfits so I thought I would show the world our little Halloween Pumpkin!  Rafe loves to have his hands up by his face and he loves to have his legs in the frog position as you can see in the first picture.  This one was taken on Halloween Eve:)  Sorry I don't know how to turn it.
For Halloween night she brought him over in this cute ourfit.  He was REALLY darling!  Unfortunately he peed out of it before Aunt Kathy could see him in it:)  After passing out candy to  all 7 of our trick or treaters we went to visit the Bakers and then came home to fall asleep to "Arsenic and Old Lace".  All in all a good night!


  1. We brought our little guy home in that pumpkin outfit from the hospital on Halloween :) And he did the same thing...peed right through it just after we walked in the door! Rafe sure is a cute little thing!

  2. Isn't he a cutie??! And isn't it fun being a Grandparent?? Of course--you have tons of wonderful times ahead grandparenting, but special occasions really bring out the FUN part of being a grandma and grandpa, I think!!
    As awful as it is for Brach to work until 3 in the morning, it makes for enjoyable times for YOU (and Kendra)! I'm glad she has you to be with to make the nights not so lonesome! Love, Karen

  3. What a doll!! He's a very cute little pumpkin, for sure!