Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Isn't he the cutest??  Our little Rafe grandbaby is too sweet.  He is more awake and alert these days and that is really fun!!  It's funny how babies look different when they are awake than when they are sleeping.  We took our family pictures a few weeks ago and our photographer (Courtney Ryan, who has taken our family pictures for the last 10 years) got this darling picture of Rafe blowing bubbles. 
Man, I love that boy!!!


  1. Janell...isn't it the best to be a grandma. I'm so excited for you and Rick. And Rafe is sooo darling. I really like his name.

    And have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. He really is just gorgeous! What a sweet picture of him! I bet you all just love having his little sweetness around. When we were there last weekend, some of the cousins were asking me about Hurricane Sandy, since we just came from NY, ya know? And Kendra was sitting there, listening in. She suddenly asked, "wait... what hurricane?" We started telling her about it and her eyes just got wider and she asked, "when was this?! I haven't heard anything about it! I have a NEWBORN!" :) Oh, how I remember that stage... Sounds like Rafe has sucked them into his own little adorable universe!