Monday, November 5, 2012

A night and day in the city

A few weeks ago Rick and I had a little getaway into Salt Lake for the night.  We set out Friday evening and had a dinner at our favorite restaurant "The Five Alls".  We had a window seat and got to look out over the valley as the sun set.  It was very romantic:)  The Five Alls has been a fun place that we eat at for special occasions maybe twice a year.  We love the food and the atmosphere.  After dinner we drove down the street to our room at the Anniverary Inn.  This time we stayed in the Lake Powell Room.  It wasn't my favorite but it was one we hadn't stayed in before so that was fun. 
The next morning we went over to Pioneer Park for the Farmer's Market that they have each week through the summer and fall.  We had a great time sampling the goods.  We came home with some spicy salsa, some lavender oil, a cucumber, and a plethora of bakery goods.  I love those huge loves of bread that the bakeries sell.  Of course,  we had to get the pastries as well:)
Here's Rick chatting with the Italian guys
Street side at the the look on Rick's face:)
After the market we went over to Tracy Aviary to check out the birds. 
The older I get the more fascinated I am with different birds.
Here's Rick ande the flamingos.
After the Aviary we stopped for lunch.  We found a great new pizza place downtown called Settabello.  If you like authentic Italian pizza this is the place.  We sat at the counter and watched our pizzas being made and then put into a 1000 degree oven for about 1 minute. 
Yep,  it was good pizza:)

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  1. This sounds like a fun little "get-away"! Isn't it interesting that you could find all that unique stuff going on right there in Salt Lake City--and didn't even have to go far away to some exotic place!! Can't you just imagine how impressed an actual visitor from some far away state would be, coming into Salt Lake in time to be around all that fun stuff!! I'm glad you got to DO all this and I think it's good that you posted about it--for the sake of memories! Love, Karen