Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Party 2012

I wanted to post about our Halloween Party.  This  is our 23rd year of hosting this party and it sure has been fun throughout the years!  Most everyone came in costume although they didn't stay on to long because everyone wanted to be comfortable throughout the night.  We had a dinner of appetizers (taquitos, buffalo bites, artichoke dip with bread, and shrimp cocktail),  soups (chicken noodle, clam chowder, and broccoli cheese), breadsticks, and of course our traditional homemade rootbeer.  We also had a couple of fun desserts to try.   Food, Family, and Fun!!
Darla and Larry came in their Roman motifs.  Darla looked great with her Cleopatra outfit and Larry was a hoot with the bush on his head:)  Darla took the vines off of her draperies and didn't want to cut them so he came with the whole vine on his head!  It made for a good laugh!
Trent ande Kathy were a car and freshener.  Kathy was plenty hot in  all that fleece and couldn't wait to get that tree off of her:)
Rick and I went for comfort this year.  A surgeon and his assistant:)
Dennis and Karen had some fun masks this year.  I love Karens'  feathers and just yesterday I found Dennis' horns tucked away behind one of my decorative pumpkins.  If you guys want it back you know where to find it:)
I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the whole group.  I only got one shot (that Gary took) and it came out blurry.  Darrell had a great costume.  He looked like Dumbledore and DeeAnn was his beautiful assistant.  Brad did NOT come in costume (that hasn't changed in the last 10 years:) but Ruth came as a witch with a green painted face.  Ken and Robbie came also came and that was fun.  This year we missed Hal and Janis and Brent and Lar.   We played a few games (which I just couldn't get into for worrying over Kendra being in labor but hopefully everyone enjoyed visiting and just being together.  Thanks for all that did come and we'll plan another one for next year!! 

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  1. That party was really fun, and we sincerely appreciate you continuing to HAVE it each year!! Of all the years that have been a bit 'inconvenient' for you--THIS one certainly was!! To think that Kendra's water broke right before the party, was AMAZING! And to think that you managed to just go right on with the whole party, eating and conversing and even participating in the GAMES--was even MORE amazing!! As we talked about it later, Dennis said, "She sure makes a gracious hostess!" And I certainly agree!! Thanks for a wonderful time!!We really are excited for that new little Rafe in your life! Love, Karen