Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know those old Pert commercials from the '80's where it shows a person with straight hair and then in the next frame their hair is all curly and bouncy and they excitedly say,  "I went from flat to fluffy!"  Well, the other night we had a "I went from fluffy to flat!" moment with  our Gary boy. He has been growing his hair out for quite some time and let me tell you it was SHAGGY!   I  have been encouraging him to cut it for at least two months but last week  (after he had been using my hair straightener...yes, truly he was using MY straightener.  I think it was to create something akin to a Justin Beiber look) he said to me that he was going to cut it by the end of the week.  Finally on Sunday night he halfheartedly said, "Let's cut it tomorrow."  I didn't know if it was really going to happen or not but on Monday night when we were visiting the Bakers he was peer pressured into it. (Thanks Aunt Kath, Jenny and Kallie) 
We had to get a picture to remember the moment and then.........
off came the hair!  
Man, he is such a handsome thing.  I don't know if he had next morning regrets (although I am pretty sure he did) because he was up early the next morning to travel to New Mexico to work for the week.  I haven't talked to him since.  I hope he's not missing his curly locks too much:) 

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