Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Big 4-5

Well, it's been a big day as I have been crafting ALL day trying to get ready for the craft fair next week in Vegas. I'm making some clocks this year and I'm very happy with the way they turned out:) I've got quite a few projects going on and I'm hoping I can get them all finished by next Tuesday when I leave.
Gary and I are just relaxin' tonight while Rick is at the church. We're watching "Snow White" and I think this show is adorable. I love the music and how it's in time with all the Dwarfs moves. I have to laugh out loud when Dopey swallows the soap. He's so cute!
We celebrated Rick' 45th birthday last Saturday. His birthday was actually the 17th but we were on our vacation so we planned to spend this night with the kids. Here he is with his presents. He got 2 pair of cuff links, 5 new shirts, a pair of shoes, a clock for his office (which I'm returning 'cause I'm going to give him one that I made) and some other stuff. Kendra bought him a tie and a journal and Gary got him a tie pin. I say he did quite well!
We had a BBQ and I had made Rick his favorite cake! Lemon Pudding! He's excited to get at it!

Kendra had to get a picture of her wearing her dad's funny reading glasses.
Straight from the 80's! Happy birthday hunney!

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  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Rick, looks like you enjoyed your presents and the cake. Love the pic of Kendra in those glasses. Nice to see that your family is doing well.