Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Craft Fair

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've blogged. Last week was the craft fair in Vegas. Kendra and I took off on Monday after she got out of school and drove as far as St. George to stay with my sister Deanna. We got to Vegas about 1:00 and went to my other sister Terri's house where the craft show has been for about 6 years. My 2 brothers wives have put the show on for about 9 years and it has grown each year. When we got there I was surprised to see that nearly all the tables were FULL! I knew they were going to be setting up that day but WOW they were nearly done when I got there. This meant that I had to squeeze my stuff into small places. They were trying to make room for me but what do you do when the tables are full? Anyhow, I tried to get at least 1 of each thing that I made on display. The rest went under the tables until people started buying stuff and created more room.
The show didn't actually start until Wed. evening and there was a pretty good turn out. I helped my niece Mandy on the register. It's really fun to see people that I grew up with. Kathy and Vickie (my sis-in-laws) did a great job! It is a whole lot of work to put a show on of that magnitude. I know that with the economy people don't buy as much and that was evident but I still believe it was successful for them. I have no idea how much I sold and how much I am bringing back at Thanksgiving. If there is a lot of C-mas stuff left over I might have a little boutique here at my home like I have done in years past. Otherwise, I can use them as gifts! Oh yeah, I hardly sold any clocks:( My mom (she's so good to me) bought a large one and a small one even though I know she didn't need any. I actually brought all the big ones back home with me 'cause I was worried they would get broken. There so cute! How could anyone not want one. I know the price was steep at $60 and $65. But that's how much I felt they were worth!! Anyhow I enjoyed visiting with family and I always have a good time with Kendra:)
Since Fern has come to stay for the month of November and I left the day she came. I want to thank Ruth, Rick, and Kaitlyn for filling in for me while I was gone. They made this little trip possible! I didn't get home until Friday evening so really it was a blessing that I could make the trip. Can you believe I didn't take one picture?
Now that I'm home it's back to the old riggamarrow. This week is our games and pie night for the adults in our ward. On our sign up sheets I entitled it "Adult Games and Pie Night" Later, as I was looking at it I thought Hmm.. I hope people don't get the wrong idea. Adult games. What could that be? I think it's going to be fun! We had a GREAT crowd there last year. We'll see how it goes. Alrighty then....I'm outta here! This one's for you Teresa!


  1. Thanks!!!! I love to read all the exciting things you do in your life. My life is just so boring, that's why I am affectionately known as the blog stalker by my family.

  2. Hi Aunt Janel, I got Aunt Darla's email about the christmas party and she put a plug in for your email that you sent out about the family book. She said that you tried my email and it didn't work. it is