Sunday, October 25, 2009

20th Halloween Party

On October 16th we had our annual Halloween Party! This is our 20th year of hosting these parties. For about 18 years we all wore costumes (minus a few party poopers whom I won't mention). As you can see, in our old age, we have all become pp's!
Through the years we have had some GREAT costumes! One year Brent and Lar came as Lamps! They sprayed their heads with flourescent spray and put a lamp shade on top. They actually glowed! That was so cool! Back in the nineties during the Persian Gulf War Ken came dressed as Suddam Hussein! That was great! Of course, Rick and I have had lots of fun with it too. One year Rick was a carrot and I was a bunny. A few years ago we actually rented some costumes from Hale Theatre and came dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. It is really weird to see your husband in tights!
I remember saying, "You're not actually going to wear those, are you?"
What great memories we have made through the years!

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