Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday was the day that we've been knowing would come for 19 years. Our Sky boy has finally entered the MTC! It was a sad but good day! He started packing the night before at 10:00 and shortly thereafter the power went out. (Typical Granstville) He finished packing by flashlight:) I guess that's what happens when you procrastinate:) Here he is sportin' his new short hairdo. What a good lookin' kid!Before we left we gathered outside to take some photos.
Kendra is going to miss her buddy. They've been good friends since the beginning!

Gary is happy about the fact that he gets to drive the Buick now. He got it all cleaned out today. That is one big difference between the two boys. Gary likes his stuff organized and Skylar, two words: walking hurricane!

We picked up the twins on the way to Provo. We stopped and had breakfast at IHOP then we had to stop and take some pics with Kait!

At the MTC it's kinda like your dropping someone off at the airport. Hop out of the car, get the bags and off you go. Just a little anti-clamactic.
Doesn't this picture make you want to cry:(
Off he goes! I held my tears in until I got in the car. Two years is an awfully long time!
I feel very blessed to have had this valiant boy in my home all these years. I know when he returns he will be a man with many experiences behind him. God be with you, my dear son!
I love you!


  1. Congrats!!!!!! I remember this day in my life very well, (all 3 times: My own day, Winston's and Abi's) it seems like yesterday. The time will go by very fast if you don't focus on him being gone. Skylar is a very handsome Elder! You did a good job raising him.

  2. Congratulations Janell! You must be so very proud :)

  3. I didn't realize that they didn't do the whole big meeting with the parents anymore. That's tough, I have awhile before I need to do the same thing, I realize it goes by fast. It is tough to send them off, I hear, but the blessings on both sides are well worth it!! :D