Saturday, October 10, 2009

UEA at Capitol Reef

Last week for UEA we took a family trip down to Capitol Reef Nat'l Park. It's one of our favorite places to go! Rick's company does work there during the spring so we get rooms and food on trade at the Sandstone Inn. (Formerly Wonderland Inn) It has been a fun getaway destination for us for many years. The first morning we packed a Subway lunch and headed up the Hickman Bridge hike. Kenni and I stop for a pic on our way to the bridge! We made it! It was not a tremendously hard hike but we had to take a few rest stops. Mostly for me:) Gary and Kaitlyn started out with us but somehow didn't make it to the bridge. Gary was way ahead of us and must have taken a wrong turn because he was nowhere to be seen at the bridge. I can't tell you how often we've lost that boy thru the years.
I think Kaitlyn just plain gave up.
After the hike we stopped at the little store in Fruita for a treat! It's tradition!

Enjoying our treats outside the store!

Skylar and Seth met us that evening at dinnertime. Goofy boys!

The next day the boys (except Rick) took off on another hike while we drove 1 1/2 hours to Marysvale to go 4 wheelin'. We brought our two 4 wheelers and rented something called a Teryx (pronounced t-rex) a 4x4 vehicle that was really fun. We drove up the mountain and got to experience some beautiful fall colors! Chester came along too and was crazy scared!

Afte a couple of hours we took a break and hiked around by a small river to a waterfall.

Rick in the teryx! We all had such a great time. I love fall!
The colors on the mountain were amaing! Let's do this again!

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