Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. Missionary, Mr. Bigfoot, & Miss Mafia night

Last night (at Skylar's request) we had family night in Settlement Canyon. We invited 'The Becketts' and the Allen's (which of only two could come) out to have a dutch oven dinner. Rick made some wonderful chicken and potatoes and corn to which I added a green salad , watermelon and snicker salad. Tracy Jane brought along some donuts and fixins for smores. We enjoyed dinner and then had a lesson given by Skylar on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
He will give that lesson many times in Paraguay I'm sure.
Mindy told us her dad roasts the perfect marshmallow so he piled on 10 at one time so we could each try one. Yes, it was great on my smore! Before he could roast them though he had to regale us with his bigfoot story. We love those!
Skylar's enjoying the firelight and strummin' on the guitar:)

Kendra and Julie ready for fun!

After the lesson we played a round of Mafia. One of these three innocent faces was the ruthless killer! I'll give a hint.....it wasn't Seth or Allie.
Yes, it's true sweet little Mindy knocked each of us off one by one until she actually won the game.

Austin, Dalton and Seth Allen added to the fun of the evening.
What a great night with great friends!

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  1. Oh!!! My family told me about that on monday and I wanted to drive up for it!!! It looks like so much fun! I hope you guys are doing ok!! We have Skylar's picture on our fridge and I was going to take it down, but I couldn't. Taylor asks to see it all the time. She just points to it over and over and tries to say his name. It's too cute! We love that boy!!