Monday, September 8, 2014

Regional Conference

Yesterday we had our Regional Conference.  Our stake was one of 19 that were invited to come in to the Conference Center to participate.  We had some primo tickets on the fourth row right in front of the pulpit.  Before the meeting started we were privileged to have Elder Oaks come out into the congregation and shake our hands.  Two Apostles in two weeks!!  This time I was much more prepared and gave him and big smile and a thank you as he welcomed us to conference:)  The speakers were Elder Clark of the Seventy, Sister Linda Burton the General RS President,  Elder Hales, and Elder Oaks.   The meeting was wonderful with the talks surrounding the importance of families and staying true to the faith.  I bawled throughout the rest hymn " How Firm a Foundation" as I thought about the foundation of truth that I have at the very center of my life!!  In my life, my marriage, my family, in everything,  Jesus Christ is my foundation and my strength!!  I know through Him that I can have blessings into the eternities!

Outside the Conference Center
(In my awesome skirt that I bought at Swiss Days:-)

Blurry picture of Brach, Kendra, and Gary

Me and my little Rafester..
Don't you just love him in his Sunday best!

This was so cute.! 
The pipe organs were blaring at the end of the meeting.  Apparently it was too loud for Rafe because he plugged his ears to drown out the noise!    Let's just hope he doesn't do this to his mother:)

A group shot in the foyer


  1. That darling grandson is so cute. I think he looks like his uncle Skylar. I'm sure you guys are having a ball with him.

  2. Rafe is SO CUTE!! What a wonderful, uplifting experience you had! And how GREAT that you had part of your family right there with you--and that you had such GOOD seats!! :)