Friday, September 19, 2014

Into Ireland

Yesterday Rick and I arrived in Ireland.  We flew into Dublin and rented a car and headed up toward Banbridge where we believe some of his ancestors came from.  It took a few minutes getting used to driving with an Irish know with the driver on there right and the passenger on the left.  And then driving on the left side of the road:)  Rick is loving it!!  He's already a pro!  Knock on wood....we still have four days to go!!  
I get a little nervous in the city because there's so much traffic but Rick's doing great!

I know it is silly to try to get a picture of the majesty of Ireland with my piddly i-phone.  The Irish countryside is everything I have imagined it to be!  Lush, green, misty, and wondrous!

Rick in Banbridge.  We visited an old cemetery here.  It's sad because there are many headstones that are completely broken up or unreadable.  I feel that these people are forgotten:(  I, of course, don't know this for sure but it just feels that way.  
We all need to write our personal history to be known to our posterity!

Another beautiful door.  This one is on an old church in Banbridge.

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  1. The lay of the land, is really Beautiful!! I'm glad you like unique doors, because I think they are truly fascinating and love to see the different ones you photograph. Ireland is really beautiful around Dublin, I guess--based on your pictures. If you go over toward the Cliffs of Moher, it may not be very tree-covered land--it's quite wide open, If I remember correctly. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures, Janell. Keep having fun!!