Saturday, September 13, 2014

Copenhagen...We've arrived!

After a 15 1/2 hour travel day yesterday we made it to Copenhagen.  A little bedraggled of course, but   we took a little time to see the sites while our rooms were still getting prepared for us.  We are here with Brad and Ruth, & Darrell, DeeAnn and Hannah. Brad is in his element because he served his mission here forty years ago and has always wanted to come back.  He is getting us around pretty well so far:)  I love to be in Europe with the ancient buildings everywhere!  Really neat!  Here are just a few random pictures of our afternoon jaunt.  The weather was not the best but luckily we had rain coats and umbrellas.

The old churches fascinate me.  I love the ringing bells!

We had to take a short train ride to get to the vicinity of our hotel.
Here we are getting out of the central train station trying to figure out which direction to start walking. (yes, with all of our luggage) Do we look lost??  

This church is amazing!! It was built in the year 1200.  
There's something about old bell towers.  I just love them!

I have a fixation with old doors.  I passed at least 15 that I wanted to take a picture of.  We'll start with just one today.  I warn you.... there will be more of these to come.  I just have to ponder on the many different people who have walked through them the last couple of centuries.  Such character!!

We wanted to get into this church today but it was hosting a wedding so we couldn't get in.
More on this special church tomorrow:)

DeeAnn and Hannah posing in front of a fun fountain. 

We are staying at the Copenhagen Marriott.  Our rooms are on the 8th floor and have a beautiful picture window over the water.  Boats are passing by constantly.  The Marriott has a VIP lounge that we are able to get into.  They serve breakfast and various goods throughout the day.  Tonight we had chicken skewers, poppers and crackers and brie.  I love brie.  Rick loved the bleu cheese. (as for me I refuse to touch it!)  He also tried the couscous.  Rick is all about trying new foods.  Me, not so much.    This was actually our dinner because we weren't all that hungry......which was helpful since food here is very expensive:(  
More to come tomorrow.......

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  1. WooHoo! So Glad you're keeping a running journal like this!! I'M LOVING IT!! How fun to see you all and to hear ALREADY the exciting things you're doing! I'm sure glad you're able to stay in a Marriott! I'm assuming that means that you DON'T have STAIRS up to your 8th floor rooms!! :)
    It's cute to see the three guys all studying the map! And as you gals stood beside those bikes, I wondered if you considered just 'borrowing' them for a bit to keep you from having to WALK so far!! :) Thanks, Janell--for posting!!!