Friday, September 19, 2014

Into Sweden

We have been so busy I have been forced to back blog:(  These pictures were from Wednesday.  Rick, Darrell, Hannah and I got up early to ride bikes through the streets of Copenhagen.  The Concierge at the Marriott let us take them for a couple of hours for free (which was really nice of him because they usually charge for that).  We rode down to the Shopping district and made a few small purchases.  I have been wanting to buy something from Royal Copenhagen (a porcelain company).  I stopped at the store but it was not open yet so a souvenir store directed me to a place that sold antiques.   We went over to the store and I found a cute figurine of two children reading a book.  I thought I would bring home a plate or bowl or something of the sort but I am happy to have "My Two Little Readers":)

There are wonderful pastries here!!

After our bike ride we drove over to the Queens Palace to watch the changing of the guard.  Rick dropped us off and then went to find a parking spot.  Sad news was that he NEVER found one.  He actually found five different spots but found that he couldn't park in any of them.  He ended up finding a place just as we called him to come pick us up.  He missed the whole thing!!!

After the Queens Palace we drove across the border to Sweden.  To get there we drove across the ocean on this FIVE MILE bridge!  It's a pretty amazing structure!  It's called the Orenste bridge.

We first stopped to get a little lunch before we hit the shopping street.
Here's Darrell, DeeAnn, and Hannah eating their Swedish food:)

Me and my Viking friend!!

That night we went to do dealings at the Copenhagen Temple.
Rick and I outside the temple.
This picture was actually taken on Sunday after church when it was light outside:)

A beautiful Door at the Fredriksborg Castle.  I love the carved detail!

PS  Ruth got her purse back with everything inside!!  They got back from Odense and met us that night to go to the temple:)

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  1. How interesting that you could drive over into Sweden in the day, then get back over to the Copenhagen temple that night! (Thanks for telling us that Ruth got her purse back fine. That truly was a wonderful MIRACLE!!)