Friday, September 19, 2014

Blackwell House, Belfast and Irish Dancing

Last night we stayed in this amazing house (Blackwell House)........

in this beautiful room.

We were served an amazing breakfast......

complete with black pudding (top right hand corner).....

in this delightful sitting room.....

served by the lady on the left (Joyce)......

who had this exquisite sofa!!!
You can't see them but this couch comes complete with tassels on the ends.
I love this couch with it's feather cushions.  I am would be shocked if it cost less than $8,000.
It has a matching loveseat in the black and cream stripe.

Hopefully we can come again some day to stay in this lovely home:)

Hated to leave this beautiful countryside.

Next, was a trip into Belfast for a ride in the Black Taxi.
We got the Political Tour which filled us in on the Catholic/Protestant troubles through the years.
So interesting!

They have a wall in the city that separates the catholics and the Protestants.  Much like the Berlin Wall used to be.  We each got to write our message of peace on the wall where millions of others have as well.

Rick's turn....

There they are:)

After Belfast we drove the two hours South back to Dublin where we are staying tonight.
To celebrate my birthday we went to "Celtic Nights" a dinner show.  
We had a traditional Irish dinner...

With traditional Irish dancing.

We were right next to the dance floor and those stomping, high kicking legs came pretty close to our heads.  I'm not kidding!  Wow, these people can move their feet!

Irish dance shoes

Last but not least....a cool Irish door.
How about that knob in there middle?

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  1. Hey--Happy, Happy Birthday, Janell!! It's still the 19th HERE, so I am wishing you happiness right ON your birthday!! It's SO FUN to read all this wonderful stuff you are doing and seeing!! What great times you are having! It sound like you had a fine birthday celebration, and I'm sure hoping you're feeling HAPPY!!
    Kamber says there's a very OLD book on display somewhere there in Dublin that you may want to pay to go and see--just for the historical value of it.....(but you'll have to ask HER what book it is.....) :)
    Keep having fun (and keep up-dating us when you can!) Love, Karen