Sunday, August 31, 2014

Swiss Days 2014

Another Swiss Days has come and gone!  It was another fun year as we walked along the variety of shops there.  Since Rick is out of town Brach and Kenni have been staying with me for the last few days.  Kendra and I picked up Kaitlyna and Haivyn in Salt Lake and drove through Parley's Canyon while Brach came the other direction through Provo Canyon after his morning classes at UVU.  We spent the day perusing the booths seeing what we could find to bring home.  My big finds this year were a couple of reversible skirts, some new wrapping paper, and a handmade wooden train for the grandkids.  It did my heart well to see that Rafe loved the train.  Yesterday he was pushing it around saying, "Choo Choo!!"  SO CUTE!!  Here are a couple of random photos.

Brach and Kenni in the lunch area.

Kaitlyn and Haivyn

Kaitlyn and Kendra checking out some baby bows and headbands. 
 Kendra can't wait to try them on her baby girl......another month left!

My little viking......

As per tradition, before we leave the fair we usually stop off at the RS booth to get some goodies to bring home.  I chose a couple of items and as I stepped into line to pay, a voice behind me said, "those look good."  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man behind me.  I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not so I turned and there was President Uchtdorf looking right at me!!  I tell you my mind went blank and I could not think of anything to say except, "yes, thank you"  and then I turned my back on him to pay.   WHAT??  Why in the world did I do that??  Why didn't I smile and shake his hand and make light conversation???  Oh, mercy me!  Why wasn't I more cordial?  He is one of my favorite apostles and I missed my chance to talk to him!  Seriously,  I just froze.  Who knew he was going to speak to me?  His wife was with him and how nice would that have been to talk with her as well.  After all, this is the third time I've seen him at Swiss Days.  Why was I not prepared?   Let's just hope that when I pass from this life and meet up with the Savior,  I am not such a stammering ninny!!  

Anyway, it's always exciting to see an apostle!
Kendra took this photo of him greeting Swiss Days volunteers.   


  1. You'll get him next time. How fun for you. It was good to see him not in his suit.

  2. Wow--to actually SEE President Uchtdorf in a setting like that--How WONDERFUL!! I bet I would've done the same thing as YOU!! :) We had Russell M. Nelson at our Stake Conference last year, and he said a special "hi--how are you doing" to me while he was sitting on the stand (and I was on a front-ish row), and I managed to respond pretty well.....