Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Office Couple (The Wittwers)

I thought this was a fun picture.

While I use a few sticky notes in a day, Elder Phelps runs his office by them!  HAHA!
I had to laugh when I saw it.  He says they are his day planner:)

Tuesday night the Wittwers made it to Uganda.  We met up with President and Sister Collings who were flying in from Rwanda at 8:30 and then while we waited for the Wittwers to join us we got a bite to eat.  We had a nice conversation about how things went as the Ddistrict was created  in Rwanda.  President Collings had told Rick that even though he was suffering from kidney stones and really feeling awful through it, that he believed that it was the most spiritual experience that he has had since coming to Uganda.  

Elder and Sister Wittwer flew in at 10;20 and after we picked them up we had a good time visiting with them on the long drive back to Kampala.  It turns out that I am related to Elder Wittwer.  They come from Santa Clara, UT and he is a descendant of the Swiss Saints from there.  We had the same great great grandfather in John George Hafen.  Kind of a small world!!


After stopping at the mission office to pick up our car, we drove the Wittwers to their new apartment.  We finally got to bed that night by 1 AM.  We told them to sleep in as long as they liked.  They came up to our apt. for some breakfast the next morning.  I made skillet eggs and Elder Phelps made pancakes:)
We visited for a couple of hours and then we were off to show them some places close by Ntinda for shopping.  We stopped briefly at the office to greet Sarah and then Richard. Susie was not there.
We enjoyed a nice dinner at Mediterraneo. (my favorite)  I think the Wittwers are a little shell shocked right now with the culture difference but they are going to be just fine:)  We all have to go through the culture adjustment. 

Today was their first day in the office and I think they were a little overwhelmed with everything they have to learn.  It sure is a lot but I have confidence that they will "get it" and in just a short time become quite confident in their abilities:)

The AP's and Elders Ercanbrack and Farnsworth along with Richard and Suzie and Maureen (the office cleaning lady) sang for the newcomers!  They sang "Let Us All Press On".  How did they know that was my mission fave???!!!

Tonight we took Elder and Sister Wittwer to "The Lawns" Restaurant.  I don't have a picture of all of us but I did take a picture of Rick with his "gamey" dish:)  He ordered a plate that had four different kinds of game meat.....kudu, ostrich, heartabeest, and wildebeest.  He enjoyed it and liked the wildebeest the best:)

On another note.....
On Monday night the Brach and Kendra and Skylar and Sarah and the kids got together for family night.  They put together a countdown chain for the time we get home.  They will all pull one link off a day until we get home.  It's not going to be long!
They are all soo cute!!  Poor Charlie was not happy for the picture:(

Before we left home I was trying to prepare Rafe for how long we would be gone.  He was just three at the time and didn't really understand how long six months was going to be.  I told him we would be gone for Halloween and Christmas but that when the Easter Bunny was ready to come it would "almost be time for us to come home."  Sometimes when I have talked to him via FaceTime I have reminded him about our Easter Bunny date.  Well, it's almost here and it's cute for me to see that all the kids are counting down.  I'm excited to see my littles!!

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