Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ndere Cultural Center

Friday night we had a cultural experience!  We got to go to the Ndere Cultural center for an event of food, friends and fun!  Elder and Sister Tower are leaving on Monday to go back to the States.  There time in Uganda is finished.  President and Sister Collings invited us to come along with them for a goodbye dinner for them.  We enjoyed eating local foods in a buffet and enjoyed watching the performers for a couple of hours.  They sang and danced showing the different cultures of the  tribes in Uganda.  There are over 50 tribes in Uganda each with their own customs.  The performance included some really great drum playing!  Also, a few of the dances included women carrying pots on their heads.  It was fun to watch.  The performers were all very talented. 

Suzan and Sarah who are part of the office staff came along with us.  On the way home Suzan explained that the proceeds of the show go towards paying for their education.  She said there were a few of the performers that were around the age of 14 which surprised me.    They all did a nice job and it was fun to be together in our group.

I took quite a bit of video which I can't post but here are a few pictures.  They're not that great but it will help us to remember this night!

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