Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lake Mburo National Park

Today is Wednesday March 1st.  Happy March Everyone!  After a nice breakfast at the lodge we knew we had a big driving day ahead of us.  It was seven hours to Kampala where we are staying tonight.  We got left around 9 and have been on the road all day today.

We took a small detour off the Kampala Highway just past Mbarara and drove to Lake Mburo National Park.  I was disappointed when I found out that QENP did not have any zebras.  I haven’t seen any of those yet so Nicholas, (our game drive guide) told us we could find them at Mburu Lake.  I checked the distance and it was not to far off of the path to Kampala so we decided to take a short detour.  Well, our detour was NOT short.  It took THREE HOURS!!  It was totally ok because in the end not only did we see lots of zebras, but we got to see more cape buffalo, bush buck, Privet monkeys, warthogs, impala, and A LEOPARD!!  SCORE!!

As we were driving out of the park the car in front suddenly stopped and we saw why.  About two hundred feet from the road on a huge rock sat a big leopard.  He was just sitting there like he had nothing else better to doJ!  He was swishing his tail and did not seem alarmed or concerned that we were watching him.  After about 6 or 7 minutes he mozied off of the rock and disappeared into the bush.  We were so happy and surprised that we had the good fortune to happen upon him at just the right time.  A few minutes later and we would have completely missed him.  It stretched our seven hour trip into a ten hour trip but it was SO WORTH IT!!

       Sorry the leopard is really hard to see in these pictures but I promise he is there!!

After yesterday’s experience of asking Heavenly Father to help us see a lion, this morning we prayed that today we might see a zebra (because it is something I REALLY wanted to see before leaving Uganda).  Well, he let us see many Zebra and threw in a leopard just because He couldJ!  He is so good to us!

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