Friday, December 30, 2016

A Late Christmas for the Orphans

On Tuesday we were invited out to the Home of Good Hope Orphanage School for a Christmas Celebration.  We were treated to a program of talks from the headmaster (Dan) and others and were given an opportunity to speak as well.  We spoke of Heavenly Father's love for each of us and how he hears EACH of our prayers as we pray to Him.  
We testified of the divinity of Jesus Christ and His birth and Atonement.

Dan the Headmaster and our friend.

       The children provided us with some entertainment as they sang and danced for us.

We then were served a nice meal from our hosts.
We had rice, eggplant, posho, matoke with g-nug sauce, and cabbage.
I am really learning to like this food.  
(We still drank a coke afterward:)

After lunch we presented the children with some gifts.  We gave them some writing pads, coloring crayons and pencils, and a few jump ropes and balls to share.  Oh yeah, we also gave each of the children a sucker:)  They were happy to receive a few gifts and it gave us much joy to give!


  1. This was so nice for you to do--to give them little gift items, even! (Probably Kathy or Kendra or Sarah sent the items to you??) I'm surprised to see that you're starting to really LIKE the food. I haven't heard of many restaurants around here that serve African food, but you will likely manage to find one SOMEWHERE after you get back...:)

  2. Woops--That last comment was from me--Karen. I'm sorry that it keeps coming up as "Unknown" but I truly don't know how to change it, and I don't want to rock the boat! ha!