Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

We had a wonderful and busy weekend!
It started out with our last baptism of the year.  Violet is a nice of Agrippina, who is a stalwart member of our Branch.  Violet has been staying with her since school got our at the end of November.  We along with different branch missionaries have been teaching her the lessons over the last month.  Violet is very smart and she is one that 'get's it'.  She understands everything that we teach and everything that she reads.  Her comprehension levels very high (and that is not always the case) and she was very ready for her baptism.  It was a wonderful baptism!  She was baptized by Francis and confirmed the next day by Elder Phelps.  It is marvelous to see new members coming into  our branch.  Violet will not be here for long because she will be going back to school in a couple of weeks but we will send her with scriptures and a strong testimony!  I hope she will be able to pay for the transport to be able to come visit us at church while she is away at school.

Violet and Francis

"Aunt" Agrippina, Violet, and Francis

After the baptism we met President and Sister Collings at Endiro Cafe for some lunch.  They were in town to take care of some Branch changes this past weekend.  While President and Elder Phelps stayed at the church for interviews and training,  Sister Collings and I came to our place for some 
R & R!  We had an enjoyable time sitting and visiting (and making hot fudge for our New Year's Party) and just hanging out!  

President Collings knew that he would be changing out our Branch Presidency so he wanted to spend the evening with them and their dates.  Yes, I say dates because all but one are unmarried!  We picked them up at the church and went to the Mbale Resort for dinner. (President Collings felt the need to stay at the church so he joined us later)  Sister Collings said it best when she whispered, "I feel like I'm on a Prom Date"."  Here we were these old fogies out to dinner with the young ones.  Most of them were very quiet throughout the night conversing with their dates.  We did have a get to know you Q and A time but mostly it was a quiet evening.

Here we are waiting for our meals.

President and Sister Collings.
Doesn't Tracy's hair look cute.  She got her hair cut and colored.
Ok, so I maybe a little envious that her hair looks so good:)

After joining up with President Collings back at our house we played a game and then had some brownie sundaes.  They were really yummy AND sweet.  Sometimes the Ugandans can't handle too much sugar.  They are just not used to it.  The boys didn't seem to mind though:)

Here we have Zubeda with Kisese (Joseph) who is the new Executive Secretary.
Then we have Aaron (who is the new Clerk) with his date Evelyn.

Here is Isaac our new Branch President with his date Doreen.  Alan is the new 2nd counselor and his date was Esther (who had to leave early).

The next day we had a wonderful meeting with President Collings naming the new Branch Presidency.  This will be a wonderful change for our branch.  Elder Phelps and I are excited to be working with this new Presidency!

                   Here they are.  Nelson (who is the 1st counselor) and Isaac and Alan.

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  1. Well--that was one of the most DIFFERENT New Year's Eve's you've ever had in your life, eh??

    We tried to talk Darrell and DeeAnn or OTHER of the "Phelps Clan" into coming to Blackfoot to celebrate with us, but no one wanted to venture out this far--so we just partied with Wayne and Carol. It was fun, though. (Your table setting looks nice!) Love, Karen