Friday, December 2, 2016

Light the World

On Monday we had a wonderful Zone Conference in Jinja with Elder and Sister Hamilton of the Seventy and President and Sister Collings.  
We learned of the Principle of Faith and how it can help us in our missionary work.  We learned of making our time worthwhile as we serve.  We learned of preparing the world for the millennium.  Elder Hamilton talked of the statistics of the growth here in Eastern Africa and likened it to Brazil and how when the Gospel was taken there that the work just exploded.  That is how Eastern Africa is today.  The growth of the church here is amazing and temples are coming!  That is a great blessing to the people here.  Elder Hamilton also taught from the Doctrine and Covenants four points of being a good missionary.  Open Your Mouth, ( 30:11) Preach by the Way, (52:25)  Not so Fast, (61:3) and It Mattereth Not (80:3)

The luncheon went well and we even had enough for most of the Elders to have an extra sandwich.  

I didn't get any pictures of the group but here is one with two companionships of sisters and Sister Hamilton and Sister Collings.

After the conference we drove into Kampala.  Whenever I get close to Kampala I start getting claustrophobic.  And I'm not a claustrophobic person.  The traffic and people are just crazy.  We found our hotel without too much trouble but it did take a while to get through the road work.  While we were in Kampala we got some grocery shopping done (that's where I buy my meat ) and got to stop at the Distribution Center for some needed items.  I bought a nativity picture and some flowers for my Christmas Decor.  Not sure if we are going to have a tree this year but I am completely happy with this!!

I began teaching a young man piano lessons this week.  This is a silly picture of him because he was goofing around but his a great kid.  His name is Maqne.  His real name is Johnny ( Jonnay') but for some reason he wants me to call him Maqne.  It is pronounced Ma (then click your tongue) and then end with ay.  Mcknay.  It is not easy to say and I think that's why he likes for us Mzungus to call him that.  Just to make it difficult.  While Elder Phelps calls him by his given name I always call him by his "pretend" name:)  He comes by early in the mornings to use the keyboard for practice.  He really wants to learn to play so he can be a piano playing missionary:)

Last but not least is the "Light the World" initiative that the Church is doing for the month of December.  The video is really wonderful and it has been amazing going into the people's homes and sharing our testimonies of the Savior in conjunction with the video.  It brings a wonderful Spirit.  I love watching the people's faces as they watch the video.  Like I said.....Amazing!!

Yesterday began the first day of service and the theme was 

Jesus lifted Others' Burdens and So Can You.  

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for service and that was to help a woman carry her water from the borehole.  Would you believe that I did not see one woman on the road carrying water!  We see them all the time!!!  But for some reason not this day!  Anyway, we did see a lady carrying a load of cassava on her head walking to the mill.  We pulled over and invited her and her son to hop in the truck and then we drove them about 2 KM to get to the mill.  As we were driving I was thinking, "Man, I'm glad that we helped her because she had a LONG way to walk."  Along with that little act of service we had been at the orphanage before this and helped them sweep their dirt in preparation for the school graduation which took place today.  We used small little brooms that are about two feet tall.  It required a lot of bending over.  Seriously,  these African women have a hard time of it.  They are such hard workers!

So today's service theme is:

                          Jesus Honored His Parents and So Can You

I wanted to face time with my mom and dad tonight but could not make it work.  We'll have to wait until Monday!  So to Honor my parents I am going to list three things here on my blog that I love about them!

This is for you mom and dad!!!

My dad is wonderful!
1. He is such a giving person.  He will help anyone anytime.
2.  He works so hard.  He learned as a child (working on a farm) how to be a hard worker.  He has always provided well for our family.  Even now at age 77 he stays super busy.  Go dad!!!
3.  He loves my mom!  There was never any doubt in my mind that he loved my mother.  I loved when they would smooch in the kitchen with me looking on:)

My mom is great too!!!
1.  She is a wonderful friend to me and I know that if ANYTHING is wrong in my life she will listen and not judge.
2.  She gives great council as I need advice in helping my kids.  She's seen a lot in raising her own family and so her council means a lot to me.
3.  She appreciates my talents and always makes me feel special.  My sisters are all really wonderful people and have amazing talents but I have never felt inferior because my mom appreciates what I can do.

Thanks mom and dad for being such amazing parents.  Talk to you on Monday!!!

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  1. That's nice that you have a keyboard and that you let young Maqne practice on it--and that he wants to use his talents on a future mission!
    And your writings to your mom and dad are really precious!
    We went over to Trent and Melissa's last night and Josh used that "Light the World" video as his lesson, and we had a great time discussing things we can do during this month. It's really uplifting to think about! I think YOU are already doing Tons of Service daily--but it's good for all of us to make a special point of doing Specifics! Love to you, Karen