Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lighting the World one day at a time

I have gotten terribly behind at documenting our Light the World progress.
25 ways in 25 days

Just a disclaimer....I am not trying to "brag" about the way we are serving but truly I am trying to keep a record of what we are doing here with our time in Uganda.  
My blog just happens to be the way it is recorded:)

Day 13:
Jesus Showed Humility and So Can You
This day we were able to view many of Heavenly Father's amazing creations while we were visiting Murchison Falls National Park.  The beautiful falls and so many wonderful wild animals!  We both gave thanks to Heavenly Father many times throughout the day for his goodness to us!

Day 14:
Jesus Taught us to Clothe the Naked and So Can You
I knew that I wanted to give away some second hand clothes for this day but since I have brought very few items with me to Uganda I couldn't use mine.  Plus, I wasn't in a position to purchase and give away because of being on the couples retreat so I recruited Sarah to do it for me!  She  gathered a few items from her home and took them to the DI:)  Thanks Sarah for helping us!! 

Day 15:
Jesus Worshipped Through Song and So can You
This was the day of our balloon ride and bush breakfast!  At the end of our breakfast we asked the waiters (and the guard) if we could sing Christmas Carols to them.  They were surprised and very willing to let us.  It was cute.  They joined right in as we sang Silent Night and We Wish You a Merry Christmas!   We made a fun memory:)

Day 16:
Jesus Showed Compassion and So Can You
As we were traveling back to Mbale we needed to stop in Lira with President Collings for some business so while they were doing their "business" I helped a couple of older ladies in the branch wipe down the chairs in the chapel to get ready for Sunday:)

Day 17:
Jesus Cared for His Mother and So Can You
It was my mama's birthday so we gave her a call!  Unfortunately she wasn't home so we sang her the birthday song and let a birthday message!  Hope she got it:)

Day 18:
Jesus Honored the Sabbath and So Can You
We had an enjoyable Sabbath at Church and afterward taught a lesson and then invited a branch missionary and our investigator over to our place for some lunch!

Day 19:
Jesus Calmed the Sea and So can You
Not gonna lie....this one kinda got skipped.  Rick did give up his YSA Activity lemon bar (which I made and tasted scrumptious) to one of the guys who came late and missed the treats.  
Does that count?

Day 20:
Jesus Saw Potential in Others and So Can You
Rick bore testimony to our Muslim friend, Frazida.  
She works here in our complex as groundskeeper and we had a good conversation with her on Monday.  We showed her the Light the World video and talked about the Savior (who she does believe in.  Not as the Son of God but as a teacher of God)  We  learned some interesting things about Islam and we shared some of the beliefs that we have, as well.  It was a good conversation but later Rick was bothered that we did not bare testimony of the Savior's Atonement.  So he took some time to do that on this day.  Frazida was good with it all:)

Day 21:
Jesus Forgave Others and So can You
We both thought of an experience where we either forgave or was forgiven by someone.  I'm grateful to be able to repent and change.  And it is all because of Jesus Christ and his willingness to atone for each of our sins.  I love Him!!

Quickly, because it's getting late and it's time for bed I want to document about our Zone Christmas Party we had today.  A few weeks ago Sister Collings asked if we could help feed the Jinja Zone again.  This time for the Christmas Party.  We are aways happy to help and we are getting to know and love many of the missionaries in the Jinja Zone!  We made chicken salad for sandwiches, cut pineapple and papaya and made LOTS and LOTS of cookies.  Sister Collings brought two different salads (coleslaw and pasta salad) and the rolls for the sandwiches.    We barely had enough food.  Exactly the right amount of sandwiches.  I wasn't sure if the chicken salad was going to hold out but there were 54 of us and we had 54 sandwiches.  Other than some papaya EVERYTHING was gone!  This are missionaries after all.  They eat a lot!!

I believe this is the Iganga Zone mixed with our beloved Busia missionaries.  Here they are practicing for their skit!

Elder Phelps working in the kitchen!  Doesn't he wear that apron well:)

Skit time

                                                                    The food......

After the skits they all grabbed a plate full of food and watched a mission video in the RS room.

We cut off a little early to stop at the store than made the 3 hour trek home.  We decided to make nachos for dinner.  It was a success!  I have only recently been able to  find tortilla chips and Kathy sent me some taco seasoning in our Christmas Box so we had the makings for some good nachos.  I made som fresh Pico de gallo and guacamole and Rick made some delicious Pineapple, Mango, Banana smoothies.  So yummy! 

Then the best yet ....we got to face time with Kendra and the kids to end a good day!
The kids love to chat and talk to grandma and grandpa!
We love it too:)


  1. I'm so thankful for your help these past few zone conferences! You are always so sweet to step in and sacrifice your time and talents for our missionaries. The meal was SO good!!

  2. Janell. I have been so slow at catching up on your blog. What a wonderful mission you are having! Isn't it wonderful serving full time like this. Aren't you grateful for technology allowing us to blog and document our experience and memories. We sure enjoyed our time with you and Elder Phelps in the MTC.

  3. Your "Lighting the World" catch-up is GREAT--and the food looks fantastic for the zone party. I'm delighted that you are keeping us informed by letting us see this Journal you are keeping! You are making such wonderful memories!! Love, karen