Monday, December 12, 2016

The Weekend

Sorry there are no pictures this time.  I have some but tonight we have poor internet and I can't get them to upload:(

We had a nice weekend!  We started out with our mission correlation meeting with the branch missionaries.  We have a pretty big number of investigators that we are teaching right now and since we will be gone all this week we are needing some help in teaching.  Our Branch Missionaries are doing some finding and teaching on their own as well,  so there is a lot to be done in the Mbale Branch.

After our meeting we we made some visits with Alan and Isaac to two different families.  The first family was Harriet who is active and her two daughters that do not come so much.  We showed the Light the World video and afterward was able to bear witness of the Savior's love for us.  The girls committed to come to church on Sunday.  (We were not there on Sunday because we left early Sunday Morning for Lira to do some baptismal interviews so we need to  find out if they showed.)

Our next visit was with a man named Steven.  Steven was THE person who introduced Isaac to the gospel a few years ago and was very strong in the church.   He was very close to the YM his age when it was time to serve a mission.  Well, while the others went out to serve,  Steven stayed behind because of some challenges.  When Isaac returned a few months ago he found out that his friend had moved in with a girl and they have a three week old baby.  We made a visit to him and he was very welcoming.  After showing him and his girlfriend the video we each bore testimony of the cleansing power of the Savior.  THAT is why he came to earth.  Isaac was emotional as he spoke of Heavenly Father's love for Steven and that we all make mistakes.  Elder Phelps spoke of the Temple and how it is important to continue to follow the Savior and be an example to his new daughter.  And how someday he can take his family to the Temple to be sealed forever.  Steven was very humble and acknowledged the change that he needs to make in his life.  He committed to come to church on Sunday.  I have not heard if he came or not.

After our visit with Steven we made a visit to Manjorie (previously I called her Marjorie).  She had her baby the night  before at home with her sister assisting.  We stopped at the market to buy her a gift.  I had asked Isaac earlier in the day what kind of present would be appropriate.  (I was thinking to buy her some diapers but wasn't for sure because most of the babies go around naked.  Everything is just so different here in Uganda and while I would know what to take for an American mother I had no idea what a Ugandan mother would need.)  He suggested a large basin and washing powder because the women wash so much.  We bought just that and added some food and drink along with that.  She was very happy.  And Isaac was right.

Sunday morning we got up early and made the three hour trek to Lira.  Elder Phelps had baptismal and other interviews to make in the Lira and Adyel Branches.  The night before we left President Oyet of the Lira branch asked us to speak in church.  Luckily we spoke in the Busia branch just a few weeks ago so we we had a talk already prepared:)  Not to much stress there.

We pulled up to the Lira branch building and right next door there was a Crusade going on with blasting music and people screaming into the microphone.  It was SO LOUD!  We walked into the branch building and I thought, "How in the world are we going to have Sacrament Meeting here?"  Well, we closed the windows (which didn't do much good) and hoped for the best.  During the Sacrament portion of the meeting it quieted down a bit but still it was very distracting.  I was sitting at the keyboard so I didn't notice too much but as Elder Phelps got up to speak he mentioned how during the Sacrament he looked into the faces of the people and they were focused on what was taking place in the room.  He complimented them on that and likened the experience to the distractions of the world pulling us away from what is really important.  While the music could have easily taken away from the spirit of the meeting the members were focused on the sacredness of the Sacrament.  The world with it's "loudness" could easily distract us from doing good with our lives but as we focus completely on the Savior than all will be well!

After the sacrament Meeting I was able to go in with the Primary and lead in Singing time.  It was a joy being back in Primary.  The Lira Primary had about twelve children.

That evening President Oyet invited Elder Phelps and I out to his home for Family Night.  We enjoyed a beautiful time with them.  President Oyet has a wonderful family.  Three sons and three daughters.  They are all very respectful and such good obedient children.  Sister Sarah, his wife, served up some chicken and rice after the meeting.  We so enjoyed being with their family!

Our 25 ways in 25 days is coming right along....
Saturday Day 10:
Jesus Helped People Walk and So Can You

 I wasn't sure what to do but the thought occurred to me that there are so many people who do not own shoes here in Uganda, especially the children.  We stopped at the Mbale market and picked up a pair of sandals and gave them to the first barefoot man we saw.  He was happy!

Sunday Day 11:
Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You

I was able to spend time in Primary teaching the kids the Primary song, "Christmas Bells".  It was fun!

Monday Day 12:
Jesus Taught Others and So Can You

Elder Phelps and I met a group of Young Adults who identified themselves as missionaries as we entered Paraa National Park.   They are European and were coming across the border from The DRC (Congo) to do some touring in the park.  I think they are some sort of peace corps missionaries.  We were able to teach them about the Book of Mormon and where it came from.  All but one declined our invitation to read it.....but that one was interested!  I hope he does read from it and the seed will take root!

Tonight (Monday) we met all of the couple missionaries from our mission.  We are at the Paraa Resort in Paraa National Park.  We are taking the week to enjoy each other and to see some sites!  We have seen a few fun animals (three giraffes, warthogs, and all kinds of different four legged creatures)  and I will post about our trip when we get home because the internet is poor here and I can't get any pictures up.  We are already having such a wonderful time!  We even got to enjoy the pool.  Rick forgot to pack his swim trunks from home so he had to find something in Mbale.  They are spandex and are pretty funny!  He is a good sport, though!! Whatever it takes to get in the water!!!

  Seeing big game makes Elder Phelps happy!  He is positively giddy!!  He has wanted to go on an African Safari for quite some time.  He is realizing a dream this week!  I'm just happy to be along for the ride:)

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  1. How wonderful you reached out to Stephen and talked about the Atonement!! Christ made it clear when he came that the gospel is for sinners just as much as saints when he reached out to people who are less than perfect.

    I can't imagine not having diapers for babies - how do they keep things clean? I feel so spoiled sometimes that my nieces have diapers.

    It sounds like you are doing so much good!! What a wonderful opportunity to be like the Savior!!

    Love you!!