Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Randomness

So here's a bunch of pictures that haven't made it to the blog in other posts.


I  love fresh flowers

'The Bomans' at Bridger and Cassidy's Wedding

Precious Scout

Grandpa taking Rafe on a ride in the new Razor

Piñata happiness

Henry on Father's Day

Brach's catch from good ole' Grantsville Reservoir

Golfing in St. George


The twins are happy to be together

Haivyn enjoying the swing

The Supers came to visit.....

My Fourth of July crafts....

A top down drive up the lane.....going slowly of course:)

Shaved Ice

Rock Star Scout

Apricots in abundance!!!

SL Downtown Farmer's Market.....

Testing the goods

My fun market find.... Love this idea!!

Rick trying out Sundanese food

Oquirrh Hills Golf

Date Night at Tepanyaki

Deliciousness at The Cheesecake Factory

Fun Summer Memories!!

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  1. What fun reading!!! I took a couple hours and read all the way through your whole Denmark etc. trip, and all the way up to this most recent post, and I had such a GRAND time--being an "armchair traveler"!! Thanks so much, Janell for putting up all those pictures and describing all those fun activities and that marvelous FOOD and just EVERYTHING!! I had such a good time reading all that!! I wanted to write on each post, but I have a hard time making what I write, really post, so I didn't. I was especially impressed with that delicious looking 'meat dish for two' that Rick had along with Brach, I think, and those gigantic luscious looking drinks that everybody had and those humongous icecream cones...AND with those pictures of that gorgeous scenery you were seeing just EVERYWHERE!! And it was so fun to see your little grandchildren! What a wonderful family you have!! Thanks for having this Blog and for keeping it up so well like you do! Kamber quit writing on her blog and I have to go into hers to get to yours, so I forgot to even check hers for the last several months. Anyway--It sure was enjoyable to read about all the things you guys have been up to. Take care and stay happy----And keep preparing for that mission!! (...I hope you're able to still write while you're there, and then we won't miss you so badly!!) :) Love, Karen