Thursday, July 7, 2016

Phelps Family Reunion


Rick and I were in charge of the Phelps Family Reunion this year.  We decided that we would have it at the same campground as last year because a lot of people really liked it and it seemed to fit the family nicely.  Last year it didn't feel like we got to spend a whole lot of extended family time so at the last family counsel we decided to do four large family meals together plus the happenings on Friday.  It seemed to work better and I felt those meals together as one helped us to have more visiting time.

Rick and I arrived the night before the reunion was to begin!  It was a really nice, quiet evening!  Loved just being Rick and I in the mountains.  There was not one other camper in our loop!  After setting up camp we enjoyed a dutch oven dinner that Rick cooked up.  Chicken, potatoes, and fruit! The perfect camping meal!!  We holed up in the trailer after dark and enjoyed some us time and a movie:)

The next morning we took a drive to go see some wildlife......we found this little guy wandering close to the road.  We parked the truck on the side of the road and put the tailgate down and just watched him do his thing for about 30 minutes.  He was thirsty so he would get a drink in the stream and then get spooked by an passing car and then come right back.  It was some great entertainment!  The rest of the morning we enjoyed a small hike and a nice breakfast.

People started showing up about noonish and that was fun getting everybody into their campspots and doing a little visiting.  Rick and I and the Bakers were in charge of the meal that night.  We made Navajo Tacos with all of the trimmings.  It turned out great and we had plenty of food.

Friday was the main day of the reunion.  We had a nice breakfast at the pavilion and then had a rocket making and blast off session for the kids.  Deanna let me borrow her rocket blaster and I had been looking forward to this activity for a while.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids decorated a 2 liter bottles and then filled them half way full of water and then Skylar and Brach blasted them up into the air.  They got a little wet but it was all in fun!!

Henry with his rocket....

Rafe and Scout with theirs......

Making rockets...

 Skylar and Henry

 Patiently waiting in line to blast off....

 The rocket controllers....

After the rockets we went back to camp to play a few games.  S & S playing Dominion.

After lunch it was time for the piñata.  It was a hit!! (No pun intended:)  The kids all got three swings!  It took a bit of hitting and we had to have Dalton come and finish it off because with all that hitting it didn't completely break.  By the end the kids had PLENTY of candy!!

Henry and Skylar enjoying some time in the trailer.

Friday evening we had our family program.  A few families performed for us.  Trent and Melissa's kids did a skit about JC Penney.  Trent and Kathy's family did some reenacted skits that Kathy and Rick used to do for their family nights.  Then Jason and Linney's family did a cute lip-sync.  Sarah and Kendra led the family trivia game with questions about Grandma Fern's life.  The winners received a pack of gum:)  That evening was our traditional steak fry with potluck salads provided by the Brad Phelps and Dennis Hone families.  It was really nice visiting with so many people that night.

Saturday morning was a great breakfast (eggs, potatoes, and pancakes cooked up by the Darrell Allen and Brent and Hal Phelps families) and pack up camp time.  Rick and I were the last ones to leave and we got out right about 12:30.  It was a four hour trek back home (pulling a trailer takes a little longer) and it was sure good to get to a shower!!

Fun Times!!

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