Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July was a fun day for us.  We began with a wonderful breakfast that we shared with John, Kaitlyn, and Haivyn.  Rick made pancakes and bacon and I made scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes.  We told John and Kait that they could have the day to play and we would take Haivyn with us.  We got to have her the whole day.  It was a lot of fun.  After breakfast Skylar and Sarah came over to go to the parade with us.  

Here is a cute picture of Haivyn and Henry in their patriotic outfits.

Our parade spot was right in front of Identity Salon so that's where our picture is:)

Grandma and Henry enjoying the parade!

The little ones enjoyed getting a bit of candy that was thrown out of the passing vehicles!

After the parade we suited up and went to the pool!  It was a hot day so it was nice getting cooled off int he water,  I love going to the pool!  Haivyn had a good time too.  The water was a bit chilly and we knew it was time to take her out when her lips started turning blue:)

After the pool and in the evening we met the Boman's up South Willow Canyon where we had a wienie roast.  It was just us two couples and the kids.  Rafe enjoyed playing in the fire and Haivyn and Scout liked running around the campground.  It was nice and cool in the mountains.

We got home just in time to head up to the school for a fabulous fireworks show.  Grantsville always puts on a good show.  I love this tradition!!

A great day!!

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