Thursday, July 7, 2016

A busy week


While Rick was in Alaska doing this........

.....I was in Las Vegas doing this with my sisters!

Rick flew out to Gustavous, Alaska for his fishing trip with his brothers on Sunday morning.  After church I drove into St. George and stayed the night with Deanna.  We got up early in the morning and traveled the rest of the way to Vegas to get started on our redecorating project for my mom.  The first day we had a company come in and put up some crown molding and baseboards.  They did a great job and it really gave the room a different look.  

For the next two days Deanna, Mare and I painted our tails off.  We painted my mom's living room, entry way, ceiling, doors, and trim. Two Coats!!  I'm not gonna was hard work and by the end of each night I was exhausted and ready for bed!  I thought with three of us working it would go pretty quickly.  With three of us working it took TWO WHOLE DAYS!  I tell you my sister Deanna is a workhorse!  She's like the energizer bunny that just keeps going.  Each night I was the first one in bed and each morning when I got up and she was already at work.  
That girl doesn't eat or sleep much!

Thursday came and it was the day to have the carpet installed.  The guys came and got right in taking the old out and putting the new in.  By the time they were finished it looked and felt WONDERFUL!!  So excited for the new carpet!  My mom has been needing it for YEARS!!  While that was going on,  Deanna and I went out and did a little a lot of shopping to add to some of the decor that my mom already had.  We spent THE whole day traveling clear to Henderson to get to the stores we wanted to.  And then to top it off, the beautiful mirror we purchased to go on my mom's mantle was 1 inch too big.  What?!??  We wanted to have an eye catcher up on the mantle.....and we found it, didn't fit.  Super disappointing.  I wasn't having that so I left Deanna with my mom and went to FOUR more stores to see if I could find something to fit.  Long story short....I bought a couple of mirrors and my sisters didn't like any of them.  Shoot!  Plus, the company that made the drapes didn't get them right and took another full week before everything was how it should be:((

Anyway, I had to get on the road Friday morning so I left Deanna and Mare in the decorating department and hit the road.  I knew they would do a wonderful job putting it all together.  I just felt bad that I didn't get to see the finished product:(  All in all I think it was a successful remodel/redecorating project and I'm thankful to my sisters for hopping on board with this crazy project!

I had to take the pictures from my instagram account because I deleted the pictures from my phone.

New sofas and pillows.  I love the coral and yellow.  So bright and cheery!

Scarlett left me this cute note on one of the days.  Of course, after the work was done I hopped on over to her house and spent some time in the pool with her!!

This was what the mantle looked like when I left and I thought it was super cute!  My mom didn't like it so Deanna did something else.  Not sure what though, cause I haven't been back to see the finished product.  That wreath, though!  LOVE IT!

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