Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Valentines Day Date

This year's Valentines Date was great!  We decided to travel down to Provo for the Open House of the new Provo City Center Temple.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Loved all of the wood and stained glass windows! Can't wait to go through a session sometime soon.

 After the open house we traveled back to the downtown SL area to go through the newly remodeled (well in the last 9 months anyway) Church History Museum.  When we first walked into the Museum a picture in the gift shop was glaring at us saying "Come and buy me!"  So we did:)  It was a jaclay (I am spelling this phonetically because I have no idea how to spell this French word) of Karl Bloch's picture of the Savior and the little boy holding a palm frond.  I have loved seeing this painting in the temple for many years and is one of my favorites.  Rick's too, so we bought it and had it framed.  It is hanging in our family room:)  I also found another painting that I have loved through the years.  It is "The Girl in the Hollyhocks" by John Hafen.  He is a distant relative of mine so I thought it would be a nice addition to my bedroom over the fireplace.....and it is!  Because of so much time spent in the gift shop we had to hurry through the museum because we had dinner reservations to get to:)  My favorite part was upstairs seeing pictures and sculptures of Christ submitted by members of the church from around the world.

 Dinner was at Carver's!  Rick had his favorite, the rib plate while I had the chicken cordon bleu.

After dinner we went over to our night's stay in the French Connection Room at Anniversary Inn.  It was very nice and comfortable.  (Except for the road noise that we could hear from our room starting at 6 in the morning.)  It was nice already being downtown for our temple shift that afternoon:)

 Delicious Desserts!

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  1. What a nice way to celebrate!! We haven't ever been to The Anniversary Inn, but I sure loved eating at Carver's!!