Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Valentines Day was a big day for us.  After eight years of service our Stake Presidency was released.  We had a beautiful conference with Elders Larry Y. Wilson and Peter F. Evans presided over the conference.  With the news of President Collings' missionary calling announced in October we knew that this day was coming.  I believe it created some difficult feelings in Rick, knowing that he would be released as 2nd Counselor but he has done very well since then. We are now planning a mission, hopefully leaving in the fall and Rick has a new calling as a ward missionary.  I know he will miss the association of these good brethren but it is all well and good.  We are looking forward to a bright future of continued service in the work of the Lord!

President Lawrence, President Collings, and President Phelps

Brother Joe Tripp and Brother Allen were not released.  They are serving with the new presidency which consists of Jason Killion as President.  Troy May as 1st Councilor, and Ryan McBride as 2nd Counselor.

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  1. What nice looking guys they are!!!
    I'm delighted that Rick managed to not feel too badly for TOO long. That would be even MORE of a "let-down" feeling than being released as Primary President, I bet!! :)
    BTW--I'm anxious to talk with you about your possible October plans....(Kathy mentioned you might be having some....)