Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Catching Up

Hello blogging world!!  I have missed you!  It has officially been over two months since I posted anything on my blog so I have some serious catching up to do:(

The first week of February the Phelps sisters took our annual trip to the Oregon Coast.  While all of these trips are basically the same...... they are always different as well.  This year Karen reserved a house that we had never been to.  When we got to it we were all disappointed because of the size and room accommodations.  Plus, it was quite old and needed some serious updating.  Someone got on the phone and checked to see if anything else was available.  Fortunaltely, the rental company had a house that was available right down the street.  After seeing how much more spacious and new it was we booked it and moved our stuff over.  What a blessing that was for us.  We had wonderful living conditions (which included Kathy and I not having to sleep in a tiny bedroom with bunk beds)!

We were wonderfully situated (and I even got my own room which is important to me....because I snore and I don't like to keep other people awake) and especially more so since we had a lot of rain and we were homebound for much of the time.  I posted these pictures in random order.  We had an enjoyable time visiting, sightseeing and watching movies!  A wonderful girls' getaway!

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

 Depoe Bay

A visitor wanting food on the back patio.

DeeAnn and I on our morning walk.

 A selfie with my besties at Kylos.

 In the back yard ready to head back home.

 A panorama of The Inn at Spanish Head Restaurant overlooking the Pacific.

 The hat girls in Newport.

A group shot in Depoe Bay.

Kylos Restaurant......a must each year!

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