Tuesday, March 29, 2016

St. George and the Parade of Homes

Rick and I got to spend a whole week in St. George in February.  We took the Beamer out of storage and luckily had wonderful weather so we could drop the top.  It was fun riding all around St. George with the top down!  We felt very free!  We thoroughly enjoyed the Parade of Homes.  Every year I find an idea I want to take home to make a change in my house.  This year was no different.  I have been wanting to change one of my bedrooms and get rid of the dark colors and make it bright.  In one bathroom I saw the colors of bright yellow and teal and those are the colors I decided to use as accents.  I came home and within a couple of weeks had our back guest room painted and redecorated!  It is super cute!  Out with the dark and in with the light!

Marie Osmond's home was my favorite!  This is the pool area.

We got to visit my parents and extended family over the weekend which was very nice.  We attended their Stake Conference and then had dinner with Pete and Terri.  Lots of catching up there.

Monday we took in a game of golf at Red Hills Golf Course.  One of our favorites!  This trip was just a really nice laid back trip.  We love St. George!

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  1. (My) Jennifer and I went to the St. George Parade of Homes once, and it is truly FABULOUS!! Several of the homes had little houses--I think they called 'em 'casitas'--built on their property, and they were homes for the Mother-in-Laws!! :) I was quite IMPRESSED with that!! ha!! (Lance and Jen now have that new house on 6 acres--I guess I oughta see if they're planning to build one of those little "casitas"!! ha!)