Tuesday, March 29, 2016

IFLY and Flowrider

The first part of March we drove up to Ogden to experience IFLY with the Bomans and Phelpses.  We bought tickets for Christmas for the boys to do the indoor skydiving thing so we made a day of it.  Rick and I started out with a session at the Ogden Temple.  I haven't ever been in this temple and they say it is very different from since the remodel.  It was very nice.  Afterwards we met the others at IFLY and began the day's excitement!  I must say they all did a nice job of staying afloat in the wind tunnel.  

I can't tell but I think this is Rick.

A picture of the flyers.

We had a little time before our scheduled Flowrider appointment so we stopped at Fat Cats arcade for some fun.  You can tell from this picture that Rafe was super excited about all of the tickets he "won" to get prizes with.

 I'm not sure why I only have two pictures of this and just of Brach but there you have it!  The guys had a great time learning to "surf" or maybe wakeboard is more like it.  I got some good video and it is super funny!!

 While the boys were in the water we took the kids outside for some play time.

After our experience we stopped at Famous Dave's for some seriously good BBQ!

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  1. I'm curious to know--would any of the guys want to do those things FOR REAL now that they've given the activities a TRY?? (...and those are such CUTE pictures of your little ones!)