Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New member of the family

Meet Max the pup, the new addition to our family!  We have had him for three and a half weeks and it's been a love/hate (well hate is maybe a little strong) relationship since we got him.  He is a shitzu and is 6 months old.  Many of you know our last dog was killed when he ran out of the house and got hit on the highway back in June.  Right away Rafe was saying, "Gramma get new puppy??"  I wasn't too sure about the idea because it is a HUGE responsibility training a new pup.  But with encouragement from every single one of our kids and Mr. Rick too, I said it would be ok but "could we please wait until October?"  

Well October came and and so did our Max.  I must admit we have come THIS close to selling him.  First, Rafe and Scout were terrified of him because he is a very active puppy.  Then all the numbers in the house that we have to clean up.  (And even on my nice white carpet:-( The other day he even pooped right next to where my visiting teachers were sitting!  SO embarrassing!!  and then the fact that we leave home an awful lot and who to get to tend a training puppy for a week to ten days while we're out of town??  Anyway.........despite all of these things we have decided to keep him.

Despite all of these negative things we are learning to like him.  He is soft and cuddly.  He is fun to play with.  He already knows how to fetch.  He loves treats.  Plus he's pretty darn cute! 
 Welcome to the family, Max!!

Here he is sprawled out enjoying a nap!


  1. I bet after you get through this hard part, you'll grow to love him just like Family!! Blaine and his kids got Lisa a Shitzu for Mother's Day a couple years ago and she did NOT WANT a dog at ALL, but she just loves their little Chino to pieces! And he sure does love HER! He's a very, very personable little dog, and ALL of us like him, even. (...but I must admit--I'm kinda glad to NOT have a dog these days--for those very reasons you mentioned. We leave kinda often, too, and I don't like to be 'tied down' with animals!!_ :)

  2. Speaking as on of your visiting teachers, don't be embarrassed. It was no big deal (for us), sorry, however that you have to clean up the messes. Max is adorable and surely a keeper!