Sunday, November 29, 2015


Last week we got the kids all bundled and took them out!  It was a cold day and we weren't out very long but had a good time taking some fun pictures!

Miss Scout and her gorgeous smile....not to mention that cute hat:)

Rafe giving me a good smile!

I could absolutely NOT get Haivyn to smile but she sure is a cutie!

Henry chillin' on the swing!  

All four of them FINALLY sat still long enough to take this pic!

I tended all four of them at once while their parents went shotgun shooting.  (thankfully Kaitlyn was there to help me for part of the time) Three one year olds are a handful!!
I sure do love them:)

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  1. What CUTIES!! How BRAVE of you to take them all outside like that--but they look bundled up fine, and it looks like no one crawled off and got lost in the cold--so all is well!! :) What fun all those one-year-olds are going to be as teen-agers. :)