Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Last night Rick and I drove to Ogden to use up a gift certificate from LAST years' Christmas.  Rick likes adventure so last Christmas I bought him a pass at IFLY, an indoor skydiving place.  I heard that it was totally safe and I thought it would be a great way to let him have some fun.  He went through a short class with the guide and then they let him try it.  His guide was in the wind tunnel with him both times Rick went in.  The wind speed got upwards of 75 mph.  The first time he went in Rick just tried to get used to staying on his belly which he did very well and then the second time his guide took him for a ride up into the wind tunnel about 30 feet.  I have it on video but I can't get it to load so you'll just have to imagine it:)

All suited up

Learning the basics

Here his guide is helping out of the tunnel after the first "flight"

Certificate of completion

Afterwards we stepped out to see the beautiful new remodeled Ogden Temple all lit up!

We had dinner at the Sonora Grill, which was a first for us!

And then walked across the street to Tailgators for a delicious brownie sundae dessert!

Smooching to stay warm on a cold night!

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  1. hmmmm....Looks rather interesting...Did Rick LIKE "flying" like that?? It's a different kind of date--eh?? :)
    And how did you get that "selfie" of you two smooching?? Looks like your hands were in your pockets--not holding out a 'selfie-stick'.... ha! Oh well-it doesn't matter--it looks like you guys had a FUN night!! :)