Sunday, July 19, 2015

Road Trip Part 2

We woke up in East Glacier excited for the day ahead of us.  We stopped at the Whistle Stop Restaurant and got some grub before starting out.  Rick had their famous Huckleberry Stuffed Fresh Toast.  I had and omelet and a cinnamon roll:)  

We drove into Glacier Park and enjoyed the beauty of it all:)

We saw a little bit of wildlife as well.  This coyote almost ran right into our car!  Pretty cool! We got a nice picture of him.

There was a herd of mountain sheep just across rom the visitor's center at Logan's Pass and I was the one in charge of taking the photo.  This is what I got.  
I was trying to get a closeup and cut them all out.  Sheesh:(

We also saw a mountain goat lounging in the shade.  We were really hoping for a moose and bear sighting but, no such luck:(

At the end of the day drove through West Glacier and a few small towns to get to the Bad Land B&B where we overnighted.

After a nice breakfast of strawberries and waffles we drove back into West Glacier and went with the Montana Rafting Company for a 1/2 days ride on the river.  We were with two other couples and one child.  I was on the left side of the raft in between a woman and her child and I'm not sure but neither of them could get the rowing pattern down.  My paddle not only got tangled with the lady in front but the girl in back kept at it too.  There was really nothing I could do about the child because well, not my child but I kept telling the lady in front of me,  "Watch the lead man in front of you and sync with him".  You would think that wouldn't be so hard but HOLY COW she had a hard time getting the rhythm down.  I was nice about it but seriously, I  had to tell her many times to watch the guy in front.  It was especially bad in the rapids because that's when you really need to paddle.  Finally, toward the end of the trip she was getting into the groove.  We hit about seven good rapids and on one called the RePete I about found myself in the river.  I was bouncing all over the place.  I actually grabbed the rope in the middle of the raft to keep me in.  I did NOT want to go overboard!  That water was cold!  Anyway,  being on the river is always a good time:)  A good way to spend the morning.  
(The only picture I have of the day is on Rick's phone no pics)

After having lunch we started towards Kalispell.  I had wanted to tour an old mansion there. We got to the mansion and decided to take a nap instead:)  Afterwards we drove past the beautiful Flathead Lake on our way to Butte where we overnighted in a dive.

That was OK because I knew for our last night we would be staying in a ritzy place.  We left Butte the next morning and went to Virginia city.  Again, no pictures.  They must all be on Rick's phone.  It was fun to peruse the shops and see all of the old buildings of this old mining town.  that afternoon we drove another 3 1/2 hours to Idaho Falls.  We stayed at the Destinations Inn.  We were in the "Rome" room and I'll tell you that it was one of the nicest rooms that we have EVER been in!!  It was very spacious and luxurious!  We didn't feel like eating out so we brought Olive Garden take out in and just enjoyed the room.  Super fun!! Nice tub:)   We had a huge movie screen in front of the bed and so we watched a double feature.  First, Castaway and then National Treasure 2.  

The next day we drove the last four hours home.  A LOT of driving on this road trip but we got to see some amazing sights!  Just under 2,200 miles.  It feels good to be back home!!

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  1. Wow--that Destination's Inn room is really GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for those beautiful pictures from Glacier National Park--isn't that a SPECTACULAR place??! Oh--and I'm sure glad to know you survived that river rafting trip! You sure covered lots of ground and did lots of fun stuff on this trip--and you look DARLING in your new cowboy hat!!
    Thanks so much for starting out things by visiting with US!! It was great to see you and visit with you like we did! We sure love you both! Love, Karen