Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Days of 47 Rodeo

When Rick and I were on our road trip and had just been to the Calgary Stampede Rick received an e-mail from a guy he works with at Energy Solutions Arena to see if we wanted to get tickets to the Days of '47 Rodeo.  Well after experiencing the fun of one rodeo we were definitely ready for another one:)  We got tickets on the second row on the floor which sounds pretty good (and would be for a Jazz game ) but we were sitting in front of the arena fence.  Not so good.  It was nice that we got to be close to all of the action though.  

The Bomans came along too.  Rafe is our little cowboy and he loved watching the cowboys get bucked off the horses.  He also loved the barrel racers!  After each one he'd say, "Again, Grandpa?"  Meaning am I gonna see another one:)  It was really cute!  He also loved watching the steer wrestlers and the ropers.  He kept a straight face most of the time but that little boy was in HEAVEN!

Rick and I in our cowboy getup.  My hat got smashed on our trip:(

Rafe watching the bull riders.

Luckily Scout was wearing a big headband.  It was super loud in the arena and we were able to cover her ears with it.

A group shot
We all really enjoyed ourselves!!

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