Thursday, July 2, 2015

Phelps Family Reunion 2015

The annual Phelps Family Reunion took place last weekend.  It was sponsored by Darrell and DeeAnn this year.  They chose a beautiful place up near Montpelier, ID.  It felt like quite a drive to get there but that last hour was through some beautiful country:)  It felt like a lot of "getting ready" for just two nights of camping but we enjoyed the experience!  Everyone in our family was able to make it except for Gary.  He had to work:(  Brach and Kendra didn't arrive until Friday afternoon because they were attending their Stake Youth Conference in Manti.  We brought their kids up with us on Thursday and everyone else from our family actually beat us there.  We had some issues with the truck:(  It added a few extra hours to our travel time.  Rafe kept saying.  "Go to the mountains, please?"  It's hard to explain car trouble to a two year old:(  Anyhoo, we made it by dinnertime which was good because we were sharing a meal with Trent and Kathy.  They were good to wait for us:)  I didn't get a whole lot of pictures (and not any of the other families) but here are a few.....

the boys making breakfast

kaitlyn and alyssia waiting for breakfast

scout and henry in our ancient playpen 

sky and henry playing in the stream

getting our feet wet....SUPER COLD

 rafe's turn at the piñata

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