Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July 2015

On Friday the 3rd of July,  Rick and I started on our road trip.  We are traveling up to Calgary for the stampede and then coming back down through Glacier Park.  We left Friday afternoon and got to Blackfoot about 6:00.  We met Dennis and Karen and Janis for a bite to eat at Tommy Vauhgn's Restaurant.  Brent and Lar were originally going to join us but needed to get to their daughter Tiffany who is still having some health problems.  We enjoyed visiting with the others and then went back to D&K's for some dessert that Karen had made.  I am sorry that I didn't get any pictures of the family together:(  We had an enjoyable time visiting with them and seeing their newly (2 years ago) renovated bedroom and bath.  It is very spacious and pretty.  

Afterwards, Rick and I drove 30 minutes to Idaho Falls where we overnighted.  In the morning we drove over to the Boulevard where the parade was to be.  We found a nice place in the shade and enjoyed the sights and sounds of hometown 4th of July festivities.  
At the parade


My favorite float

After the parade we went to the museum to see a National Geographic exhibition on the pirate ship "Whydda" and the story behind it.  Pretty interesting.  A hard time of life to live.....

Next to the museum was an old sandwich dive called Franklin's Famous Cheesesteak Company.  I really wanted to try it out.  Not too shabby.......

After lunch we headed out on our four hour drive to Helena.  We both took turns driving and napping.  Helena is a beautiful little town nestled on the hills.  We are staying at a B&B called The Carolina House.  After getting settled and having dinner at "The Mediterranean Grill" with some seriously amazing lasagna we drove 10 miles up into the canyon to meet Brandon and Jenni and their girls for a fireworks show.  The setting was on privately owned property that was extremely beautiful.  There was a pond with a fountain and tree covered mountains in the background.  WE were pleasantly surprised to find that the family was LDS.  Before the fireworks began they had a granddaughter sing the nation anthem and then we were led in the pledge of allegiance followed by a prayer.  Afterwards, a son gave a few thoughts quoting Abraham Lincoln and none other than Gordon B. Hinckley and even closed in the name of Jesus Christ.  Very inspiring!  And then the fireworks began...... they were terrific!!  They had it all set to patriotic music and lasted for quite some time.  I was very impressed with this family and what they do for their community each year.  Apparently it's been a tradition now for 10 years.  Great missionary tool I'd say:)

Happy 4th everyone!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! It was nice spending some time with you. We love you!

  2. That sounded like a fantastic Fourth of July, and what a fun, memorable way to spend it! Wasn't it nice of that family to host a Fireworks Show right ON their property like that!!! That "Family" float in the Idaho Falls parade looked pretty awesome!
    We appreciated so much having dinner and dessert with you two. Thanks lots for stopping here and visiting with us!! Lots of Love, Karen (just now figured out how to make comments again.....)