Sunday, September 22, 2013

Utah State Fair

Last week Rick and I went to the Utah State Fair.  We enjoyed looking at many of the livestock and a lot of FFAers taking care of their animals.  Here are just a few of the four legged (and some two legged) creatures....
We  also enjoyed seeing the award winning fruits and vegetables.
Here are some gigantic pumpkins!
Of course, we had to get some fair food.
Rick with his BBQ.......
and funnel cake for dessert!
One of the things I love about the fair are the cooking classes. 
Here we are waiting for the Wilton cupcake class to begin.
I learned to make this.....
...and this!
Afterwards, we hopped  over to the logging show.
We ended the afternoon with another cooking demonstration.  The lady (I can't remember her name)  who makes the cheese bread for the Brazilian restaurants in SLC taught a class on making Brazilian Stew.  I liked the samples.  I won the door prize at this show.  A package of her frozen cheesballs.  I kinda wished I would have won the door prize for the cupcake show.  They winner got to take home that pumpkin cake!  Either way...I like winning stuff!!

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  1. What a GREAT-sounding time you had!!

    You did lots of catch-up blogging and it was really fun to read about the things you've been involved in. (I'm glad you get to have your husband back home with you now--I forgot to say that in that other post where you mentioned he was gone for 8 days! That IS a long time to be separated!!) Love, Karen