Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Sisters

Last week Rick left town to go hunting in Alaska.  Well, early on he told me he would be gone the week of my birthday.  DeeAnn's birthday is the day before mine and Darrell was going to be gone as well, so I concocted a plan to go do something fun.  I did not want to be home pining for my husband when my birthday rolled around!  We invited Kathy and Darla to join us as well.  Darla's husband, Larry, was going hunting too and even though Trent wasn't going I wanted Kathy to be there too!  She's one of my dearest friends:)  We were able to secure a condo on trade in Daytona Beach, Florida so that's where we went!  We left Monday morning and came back Saturday night.  We had an enjoyable time there except for poor Kathy.  She was sick THE. WHOLE. TIME. we were there.  She could barely eat anything and when she did she truly suffered because of it.  Even a piece of bread caused her much anguish.  She was a trooper though and came with us on most of our outings. 
Here we are at the Daytona Beach Pier with the full moon shining over the water behind us.
It was truly a beautiful sight to behold!
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
We got there after it closed so we couldn't climb it.
 A huge disapointment!
On our way back we found a lookout point over the ocean. 
DeeAnn found a shell in the sand!
DeeDee's birthday dinner.
Crab Legs:)
The next day we drove to St. Augustine, an old Spanish town, where Ponce de Leon came exploring!
Here's DeeDee and Darla taking a picture with him.
The girls drinking from "The Fountain of Youth"!
That's why they're so young and beautiful looking:)
Darla making friends with one of the many peacocks on the property.
A group shot! (No Kath....she was sleeping in the car:(
Next we went to St. Augustine lighthouse.
219 steps to the top.  Here's DeeAnn taking a breather on her way to the top!

Me at the top of the lighthouse!  What a beautiful view from up there!
We had my birthday dinner at Pizzalleys.  Great Italian Food!!
We also had a little gelato for dessert:)
Kathy and Darla picked up some large shells to take home.
On Saturday before our flight left we drove into Orlando and went to the temple. 
 It sure was beautiful!
While we were in Daytona we also did a little shopping and of course, had some beach and pool time. We also found a chocolate factory right there in Daytona called Angell and Phelps!  We had to stop there and take a tour and meet the owner. 
Of course we brought home some fudge and chocolate as well:)
One day as we were taking pictures I said to DeeAnn why don't you get in and I'll take a picture of you and your sisters.  She grabbed me in a hug and said, "YOU are one of my sisters, too!" 
I'm glad to know that I'm part of the bunch!

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  1. OH Janell--I'm DELIGHTED to see that you put up this post already!! I was eagerly wanting to read about your wonderful time there, and I'm SO glad you DID have a wonderful time! It looks SO FUN! Poor DeeAnn--climbing to the top of that lighthouse like that! She usually doesn't feel all that great with 'heights'. And POOR KATHY! I wonder what in the world was wrong to make her so SICK! ?? She was so excited to get to go, I know, so I'm sure sorry she felt miserable! (Finding those huge shells like that maybe made up for her yukky feelings....)ha!
    And Janell--I am really really PROUD to have you as my sister! You are such a classy, refined lady--I know it's hard for others to think you're related to ME--but I just LOVE having you as my sister!
    And I sure enjoy reading about the things you get to go DO!! I'm not able to go and DO much these days, so it's fun to read about YOUR "doings"! :) Thanks for all the pictures and the fun write-up! Love, Karen
    P.S. I see that your other "sisters write-up" is no longer on here--the one with your mom and all. Did you remove it??