Monday, September 2, 2013

Alaska Fishing

Here are some pictures of the big fishing trip.  They left on Monday and got to fish for five days straight!!  A fisherman's dream!! :-)
From left to right:  Brad, Ben (Darla and Larry's son), Doug Boman (Brach's dad), Skylar, and Brach
with their big catch of the day.
Skylar waiting for the big one!
Doug with two large silver salmon
Rick and Bill Lawrence (his friend that is in the stake presidency with him).
They went fishing on the Berg River and caught mostly Silver Salmon with a few Sockeye.
Skylar with his 'chicken'...a baby halibut about 15 lbs.
Brach's huge 125 lb halibut.  Look at that smile!!
This boy loves to fish:-)
My cute sons with their catch!
My handsome guy with his 'Silver'.
Fishing the Berg River
Skylar lost his wedding ring right in this exact spot.
He borrowed a metal detector but still couldn't find it:(
Sarah was expecially sad.....
The guys getting ready to leave.  This is the only picture I have of Gary.  He had a great time too.
He doesn't care for fishing on the river so he was on the boat each day. 
Sometimes with another group.
They had some trouble getting home.  They were supposed to fly into Juneau from Gustavus (The place where the lodge is) but the weather was bad and the little plane couldn't get out to them.  It is just a fifteen minute flight.  So as it was getting late they decided to take the two hour boat ride to Juneau instead.  Well, it was a treacherous ride for all of them.  Big swells and it was night and very dark.  The two hour ride took them three and a half hours.  They were awfully glad to get to the shore.  Long story short.  They missed their flight and had to be rerouted more than once to get them all home.  They originally were going to be home by 10 AM but didn't get home until 11:30 last night.  I was very relieved and happy to have them home.  So were the other wives.
Another fishing year past and our freezers are full of fish!

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