Monday, September 2, 2013

Swiss Days 2013

We left St. George on Thursday and got home just a little while before my parents arrived.  They make an annual Fall trip to Grantsville to stay for a few days.  It is tradition for them to go to Swiss Days in Midway with me. Usually Rick comes along but he was still in Alaska Rick.
Here's  my dad enjoying some pie and ice cream!
We all had lunch while we were there.  Half the fun is eating all the fun foods that are offered!
Here's my mom with her 'Swiss Taco'....well really it's a navajo taco but for the occasion it's  called the Swiss Taco:)
Here's Kendra showing off some of her good finds.  The snowman is hers.  It's really cute and lights up.  The gunny sack pumpkin is something I got for Sarah to put in her new house! 
Rafe enjoyed some of grandma's snow cone!
One last picture as we are ready to leave.  It was a really HOT day.  My mom bought that hat to keep the sun off of her head.  My mom and Kendra went to the tie booth and bought six ties each.  We also picked up some wrapping paper.  There was a lot of cute stuff but I refrained from buying too much.  Truly I have enough fall and Christmas decor but it sure was fun to look. 
Oh yeah,  I purchased a darling BOM quiet book for Rafe. 
It was expensive but I think it will be a treasure for ALL of my grandkids!

I love Swiss Days!!  It is one of my most favorite days of the year.

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