Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

To begin our festivities of the night Jenni put the finishing touches on her elegant cheesecake. Julie and her had been making this monster of a cake throughout the afternoon.
What amazing "Baker's" they are:)
We started the night with a Mexican meal complete with Trent's famous 'poppers'.
The kids love 'em!
While dinner was being prepared the Julie and Kallie played DDR.

Kaitlyn took a try too.

Here's the gang getting ready for games. We played Family Fued on the Wii. The Baker's kicked our trash. After a while I think Kathy felt bad for us and suggested that we play guys against girls. That helped. I guess we need to brush up on our trivia skills.

We also played the name game (fun) and the instrument game (even funner). I swear I was laughing so hard on the instrument game that I was crying. Everyone was so into it and then it kept getting faster and faster. Kendra was the one who finally missed her cue.
What a riot!
At the stroke of midnight Christopher ran out front and started banging pans.....

.....and Kath and Rick let off some fireworks.

After the celebrating we got into a game of 'Settlers'. I was hardly into the game because the dice would just not roll my way. I was thinking "just get this game over with". I LOVE TO WIN! and more than that....I HATE TO LOSE! Especially to Rick. (He won) Call me competitive but hey, that's the way it is. After that we watched a few Dick Van Dyke videos. Man, he is a great comedian. I finally dozed off about 2:30 only to get back up at 3:30 to get our bags in the car and head to the airport. We had to be there by 5AM. We got home safe and sound and glad to back in Grantsville. Loved, Loved being with the Baker Bunch! Love You Guys!

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  1. Oh my--What a FUN, FUN time you guys had!! I'm DELIGHTED that you all got to be together like that. What HAPPY MEMORIES you all made!! Happy, Happy New Year to ALL of you! Love, Karen