Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saturday Evening in Park City

Saturday came and I wanted to get out of the house with the kids so we headed up to Park City for some recreation. We decided to go bowling and stopped at Kimball Junction where they have a brand new bowling alley.
This place is pretty nice with more big screen TV's then I could count!
Here we are ready to play! You can see that Gary is truly on the mend. He tried every size ball in the place (which by the way did not help his game any:) He even tried that heavy 12 LB ball. I wasn't even thinking that it might hurt him. He's doing great though.
Rick's turn!

We only bowled one game 'cause it was kind of expensive. (I guess they've got to pay for those TV's somehow) and then we went to play in the arcade. I had such a fun time playing the pinball machine. I haven't played one in YEARS! I thought that with the invention of all these video type games that pinballs were obsolete. Not so I guess. At one point it gave me TWO balls to play with at a time and that was a hoot!

Rick and I enjoyed a game of air hockey. One of mny fav's!

Afterwards we headed further into Park City. I came to a realization that as many times that I have been to PC I have NEVER been there in the winter. Is that crazy? It was so cool! I got to see people skiing down the mountain. They looked like little ants way up there at the top:) It was quite thrilling for me! We got to have dinner at the PC pizza and pasta place. First of all, we walked down main street and it was quite magical. There are still lights in the trees and it was fun seeing people buzz around the shops. Rick had some gift cards for this restaurant and let me tell you we had a blast ordering from the menu. He said for us to order whatever we wanted and truly we had so much food we had to bring home 3/4ths! We ordered 2 large pizzas.....

eplus a couple of salads... plus Rick's calzone (huge)... plus fresh cut fries (I couldn't resist trying those...plus Gary's baked mac n cheese and minestrone... plus 3 shakes!!! We couldn't eat very much of it but we got to sample everything! It was Fun!

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